High-Tech Vision Training explained:

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t improved your hitting after you have been coached over and over on hitting mechanics? You have taken pitch after pitch in the batting cages, but in the game you just don’t find the success you’re capable of. Besides, there are so many things to remember: Keep my weight back, line up the knuckles, head down, elbow up, etc. etc. Successful hitting takes good hand eye coordination. Most instruction spends all of their time on half of the equation, the hands or mechanics. The eyes are almost completely ignored.

Most problems in hitting are a direct result from seeing the ball poorly or not at all. No one has ever taught you how to see. That is where we come in. High Tech Vision Training is a patented, state of the art conditioning program that combines the physical and mental skills of hitting in one program. The singular most important part of hitting is seeing the ball! You can “talk” mechanics all day, change your stance, use a different bat, better learn the strike zone, do hitting drills all day long, but if you can’t see the ball, you’re not going to hit it.

Today, hitters have been “mechanic’d to death”, yet vision training is almost completely ignored. The eyes are the key to everything to successful hitting. They are the foundation on which all other aspects are built upon. When a Major League baseball player is on a hot streak he usually says, ”I’m seeing the ball really well”. One player put it best when an interviewer asked during the 2009 World Series why he was hitting so well. He said “I’m seeing the ball the best I can and just trying to hit it”. He has himself in a simple frame of mind to be a successful hitter. He was not thinking at the plate. He just had his eyes and hands working together. Our conditioning program does just that. We teach baseball/softball players to track, bunt and hit tennis balls propelled from a patented machine knuckling at speeds from 60 – 150 miles per hour. On each ball is a fixation target less than an inch in diameter written in red or black that the batter must learn to identify. On the surface, it helps batters increase ball contact, walks, batting average, and reduce strikeouts. More importantly, our players develop a depth of confidence at the plate that they weren’t able to achieve before. This happens because the conditioning process is so extreme, demanding the highest level of focus and concentration that it actually slows the game down at any skill level. Our students dramatically improve the way they see, recognize and react to pitches after only a few lessons. We condition the eyes, brain and muscles to work as a team, speeding up reaction time and creating a more fluid swing. This system enhances a player’s vision by learning how to elevate thier focus and concentration levels, tracking abilities, eye positioning and eye-hand coordination. Our program is used from little league to the major league.


The 2008 and 2009 NCAA World Series softball champions use our system, Arizona State and the University of Washington. This system is also used by professional baseball players and Olympic gold medal softball players. We will literally change the way you play the game with our conditioning system.

Tom Davidson began working in Major League Baseball as a vision trainer in 1998. He worked with the Seattle Mariners for 8 years, and periodically traveled to other teams who requested his services. Tom has been able to take what he has developed and learned as a professional vision trainer and tailor it to work for athletes of varying ages and abilities.